Automated (IVR) Message Delivery:

When you have to deliver hundreds of thousands of messages in a day, automated message delivery is your best option. Conquest can work with you to design an effective script and have it delivered to hundreds of thousands of households in just a few hours. With an in house capacity of 1200 lines and over 5000 lines available at our affiliates, Conquest can distribute millions of automated messages each day. And, while most companies charge you based on the number of phone numbers you have on your list, Conquest only charges you based on the number of connects we make to your list.
  • Send 1000’s of messages in minutes
  • Conduct market research / automated surveys
  • Send event reminder calls
  • Employ dynamic script variables to deliver custom messages to different groups within your campaign

Combination of Live Operators and Recorded Voice
Conquest can add a recorded message to any call. In fact, our system allows us to store multiple recordings and play the recording most appropriate (based on geographic location, demographics, party enrollment, etc) to each person we call.

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